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Nov '06

Who Do I Look Like?

I’m not sure how accurate it is, but if you do believe this chart, I’m in good company. Especially Lothar Matthaus who has two things I’d like: a European passport and an ümlaut in sie nämen. In other news, I learned that I’m not politically correct. I was told this by someone who is not […]

Jun '06

It’s like the mile high club, but different.

Dear bloggies, bloggarazzi, and bloggists! Lend me your land-based ears! Hear what I have to say from 40,000 feet, worth even less than the $0.04 a minute that Boeing is charging. Hey, it’s cheaper than law school (which, if you’re curious, costs $3/minute; something to think about the next time you consider a J.D.). So, […]

May '06

I’ve been examined orally.

I just completed the first oral exam of my life. Thankfully, I was examined by a woman. See, I’m an American, and you know how we feel about…well, you know. I’m in a foreign country, so I should be flexible, right? You can take the boy out of the bubble, but you can’t take the […]

May '06

Summer Ferry…uh.

Every good scientific theory is grounded in a question. Usually, the question stems from some strange quality of life, of nature, of the world. The question I pose here is this: where do all the ridiculously hot Danish girls go during the cold-weather months? It would seem, if you have happened to be in Copenhagen […]

Apr '06

In Other News Tonight…

I just landed one of those coveted 2L Summer Associate positions. I had to come to a country that didn’t know about my law school to do it, but my career office told me to “think outside the box”. It’s at a great firm, Osborne Clarke. I think there’s an O.C. joke in there somewhere, […]

Apr '06

Free Cone Day! And Luros.EU

Free Cone Day is one of my favorite holidays. Like all other Jewish holidays (yes, it’s a Jewish holiday, because it’s free), the date changes every year. This year it falls on April 25th. It’s a day to consider, if I had one wish from a Genie, could wish for anything, and then a friend […]

Mar '06

On snow.

At the risk of seeming really Forrest Gump, do you back in Cali really know how many different kinds of snow there are in the world (or, at the moment, Denmark)? God outdid himself on the snow thing. There is little snow, big snow, slow snow, fast snow, sideways snow, snow that flies upwards, curly-cue […]

Feb '06

What is wrong with this cracker?

This phrase was uttered by my German friend, Jeanette, upon being presented with a taco shell. No, she was not talking about me. It raises an interesting question, if not an incorrect one, as taco shells are not crackers at all, even when you put pieces of cheese on them. Tomorrow I leave for a […]

Feb '06

I just received this bulletin from my school’s IT administrators…

All users should note that unused, inactive accounts are now being automatically deleted by the system after 120 days. What this means is, basically, you can keep your account as long as you continue to use it. Your account will be deleted without warning after 120 days of inactivity. 120 days is a long “grace” […]

Feb '06

Edits to the list of things I do not want to wake me up

Fire Fire department Today, I had the pleasure of being woken up by a familiar kind of individual speaking a relatively unfamiliar language, despite my proficiency in said language. What I realized is that I am not as fluent in Danish through gas mask as I am when speaking to a Dane, who as fate […]