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Mar '06

On snow.

At the risk of seeming really Forrest Gump, do you back in Cali really know how many different kinds of snow there are in the world (or, at the moment, Denmark)? God outdid himself on the snow thing. There is little snow, big snow, slow snow, fast snow, sideways snow, snow that flies upwards, curly-cue flying snow, wet snow, dry snow…umm…and snocones.
Right now, I am contemplating the snow because I need to leave for class, and in the face of all of this snow, I could either bike ride to class or take a bus. Bus is clearly the option that someone from San Francisco would take (wit da Munizzie pazzizle fo shizzle).
However, what if it stops snowing RIGHT NOW? Ok, it’s still snowing. What about now? Snow. What if I don’t look at it for a minute, and walk outside with an umbrella? Yup. Snow. Mind you, it’s been snowing for about a week with no sign of letting up. Perhaps I’m going crazy?

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