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May '06

I’ve been examined orally.

I just completed the first oral exam of my life. Thankfully, I was examined by a woman. See, I’m an American, and you know how we feel about…well, you know. I’m in a foreign country, so I should be flexible, right? You can take the boy out of the bubble, but you can’t take the bubble out of the boy…or something. What does this have to do with Bubble Boy? I don’t know.

So as you all know, I’m in Denmark, which does everything differently. There is a very Danish way of grading students that bears absolutely no resemblance to the American (correct) system:

13 Given for the exceptionally independent and excellent performance (very rare)
11 Given for the independent and excellent performance
10 Given for excellent, but not particularly independent performance
9 Is given for the good performance, a little above average.
8 Is given for the average performance.
7 Given for the mediocre performance, slightly below average
6 Given for the just acceptable performance
05 Given for the hesitant and not satisfactory performance
03 Given for the very hesitant, very insufficient and unsatisfactory performance
00 Given for the completely unacceptable performance

Suffice it to say I’m up there between 6 (necessary to make the past 6 months not a complete waste of time) and most of Strøget). I know it’s not very “janteloven” of me to toot my own horn (which I cannot do, as I am too tall), but I’m not Danish. I’m never going to be Danish, and I’ll never be accepted as Danish, so phht. This is about how welcome the average foreigner feels in Denmark:

Outlandand” src=”http://www.berkeleybreathed.com/Images/alien_chase.gif”>
But my grade was definitely something to write home about. Use your imagination.

Honda Number 11

Finally, it wouldn’t be my blog without “in other news”…

In other news, a new underwear fashion trend is rocking Scandinavia. I saw a girl on the train back from Århus with a thong over bikinis. What is the purpose of double bagging the pink taco? Does the beaver box need extra protection? I am intrigued by the mystery of the two-ply silk snatchel; it must cover some dangerous poonany. Needless to say, I stayed away. My only regret was that my camera battery was dead.


3 comments to “I’ve been examined orally.”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Beaver box? Ew. Pink Taco isn’t a fave either. I did like the little Jante link and the cute car that had nothing to do with anything that I can tell and came without comment. I like the links.

  2. Jason Says:

    There is a grade that I received. It is a numeric grade. There is a number on the car. It is possible that the number on the car relates in some way to the grade I received. But then again, maybe not. I see you do not like two of my euphamisms, but poonany is ok? Why, because it sounds foreign and exotic?

  3. Mimi Says:

    Was it in a deliberate attempt to make the Danish grading system seem strange and random that you left out the grades 8 and 9? Surely there’s something illegal about that sort of misinformation. Tut, tut.

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