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Feb '06

What is wrong with this cracker?

This phrase was uttered by my German friend, Jeanette, upon being presented with a taco shell. No, she was not talking about me. It raises an interesting question, if not an incorrect one, as taco shells are not crackers at all, even when you put pieces of cheese on them. Tomorrow I leave for a weekend retreat in Hundested. It’s an opportunity for international law students to bond, have fun, and leave the books at home. Sounds like class.

Next week, I’m going to Barcelona. It’s about that time where I’m sick of the weather. Why does it have to snow so much? Actually, it has stopped snowing and is now sleeting. Sleet combines the worst aspects of snow and rain. It is fast like rain and cold like snow. It feels like it’s cutting your face, and then it melts and gets you SOAKED. Why is there no “hungover” on the list of moods?

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1 Comment » to “What is wrong with this cracker?”

  1. branndon Says:

    Don’t worry, the weather in SF is pretty bad right now too. It’s funny to read your complaints about the weather since it reminds me so much of myself in Denmark too.

    “Why am I riding by bike in the snowstorm agian? Oh yea, I live in Copenhagen.”

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