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Apr '06

Free Cone Day! And Luros.EU

Free Cone Day is one of my favorite holidays. Like all other Jewish holidays (yes, it’s a Jewish holiday, because it’s free), the date changes every year. This year it falls on April 25th.

It’s a day to consider, if I had one wish from a Genie, could wish for anything, and then a friend runs up and asks the Genie, “Could I even wish for any free cone at Ben & Jerry’s!?”. You’d want to beat the fool silly, but then you’d have a free cone. What kind would it be? I’d go for Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. This year I can’t celebrate Free Cone Day. I’m in Denmark, which doesn’t have Ben & Jerry’s. I know! It’s unjust. It’s un-American. Oh, right. I see.

In other news… because I am spending some time in the EU, that gives me the right to register Luros.EU. My takeover of luros domains is almost complete, except for the crown jewel, Luros.com. If only I could get Easily.Net, the evil, numb-skulled ISP in Hong Kong to give it up. They say it has commercial value, and want $7,000 for it. Right.

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1 Comment » to “Free Cone Day! And Luros.EU”

  1. Philip Klein Says:

    FYI … Du kan købe Ben & Jerry is i alle 7 Eleven butikker – hvis det er nogen trøst!

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