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Archive for May, 2006

May '06

Happy Belated Birthday, oh blog of mine.

I forgot to wish my blog a happy birthday, which incidentally is the 18th of April. God damn it, I’m so inconsiderate. To make up for it, I got my blog a link to a picture of a girl coming out of a cake…it just goes to show you, good presents make up for a […]

May '06

I’ve been examined orally.

I just completed the first oral exam of my life. Thankfully, I was examined by a woman. See, I’m an American, and you know how we feel about…well, you know. I’m in a foreign country, so I should be flexible, right? You can take the boy out of the bubble, but you can’t take the […]

May '06

Summer Ferry…uh.

Every good scientific theory is grounded in a question. Usually, the question stems from some strange quality of life, of nature, of the world. The question I pose here is this: where do all the ridiculously hot Danish girls go during the cold-weather months? It would seem, if you have happened to be in Copenhagen […]