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Nov '06

Business Associations Review

Here are links to Business Associations Review I and Business Associations Review II for Marc Greenberg. All recordings are copyright Jason Luros 2006, all lectures herein copyright Marc Greenberg 2006.

In other news, 6 imams returning from a conference in Minneapolis were pulled off a plane for standing prior to take-off and saying evening prayers. I know this blog has taken a political turn of late, but I have a zero-tolerance policy for this kind of ignorance, and there is just so much to go around. Whatever your beliefs about the Muslim religion, I think that all Muslims deserve the right to pray according to the tenets of their faith, wherever they might find themselves at the time. Since there was no evidence that they were interrupting the smooth operation of the flight, I am rather disappointed that US Airways not only removed the Imams from the flight, but handcuffed them prior to removal. These men are not practitioners of some esoteric religion. They are leaders of one of the world’s largest and oldest religions. Honestly, America. Wake up and smell the chai.

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