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Jan '06

Locked in the closet with Tom Cruise

I just got out of seeing Brokeback Mountain. It took about 10 minutes to leave after the credits started rolling, because they decided to lock us in the theater. The guys in the theater started getting rather physical with the door in a way that wasn’t totally respectful of the door’s feelings, and the guys who weren’t close enough to the door to inflict injury upon it were yelling suggestions for ways to harm the door. It was rather comical.
We weren’t sure if it was some sort of social experiment to see how long people freak out after seeing a movie about two men who love each other very, very much, in only that way that two men who love each other very, very much can love each other very, very much, or if they were just being careless. I choose the latter, but the former would be interesting. Alas, we were freed and left the theater, not saying anything to the movie theater staff. This is not how things would have gone in the US.

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