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Jun '06

It’s like the mile high club, but different.

Dear bloggies, bloggarazzi, and bloggists! Lend me your land-based ears! Hear what I have to say from 40,000 feet, worth even less than the $0.04 a minute that Boeing is charging. Hey, it’s cheaper than law school (which, if you’re curious, costs $3/minute; something to think about the next time you consider a J.D.). So, […]

Dec '05

My goose is cooked.

I made a goose today. It was tasty. It took a long time. Here is what this experience has taught me: If you’re going to try something new, try it with family, because even if it sucks (which it thankfully didn’t), they will pretend to enjoy it. I also learned not to trust others to […]

Jul '05

Story time with Hunter

Story time with Hunter Originally uploaded by jluros. This is me telling my nephew about the trials and tribulations of the little green grasshopper. He was only interested in the mosquito, though.